Beti Jai Berria – Donostia

C/ Fermín Calbetón, 22
20003 Donostia - San Sebastián
943 441 944

Paula Saldanha

Originally from Portugal, Paula Saldanha has always had a deep passion for gastronomy, even before turning to the catering sector from the world of fashion. It was precisely that love of cooking that brought her to San Sebastián, where she took her first professional steps among the stoves and pots.

For a decade she held the reins of the Nagusia Lau restaurant, where she met Pablo Soto. There, the two merged their interest and passion for creating innovative dishes and different options, prompting them to open the Beti Jai Berria, a place where they could develop their ideas and combine traditional cuisine with experimentation, creativity and the possibility of surprising the client with an innovative, varied and always lively menu.