Beti Jai Berria – Donostia

C/ Fermín Calbetón, 22
20003 Donostia - San Sebastián
943 441 944

The restaurant

At the very heart of San Sebastian is a place where flavour is the one and only star of the show. A space for all palates where traditional cuisine mixes with the latest in gastronomic trends. A place to taste both the best pintxo selection, and some of the most surprising dishes.

That place is called Beti Jai Berria; it nestles in the city’s Old Town and has a menu you’ll fall in love with.

Located at number 22 of San Sebastian’s Calle Fermín Calbetón, the Beti Jai Berria, which literally translates as ‘New Always Fiesta’, offers lovers of good food a double experience. On the upper floor, traditional pintxos and gastronomy. Downstairs, more innovative dishes, more creative cuisine.

Beti Jai Berria is the only place in San Sebastian where you can enjoy the latest trend in à la carte dining, showcooking, where dishes are prepared right there in front of the diner. But without forgetting traditional Basque cuisine, which is why we serve an enormous selection of long-established pintxos and dishes.

Two floors. Two atmospheres. Two options. Two spaces designed for different occasions. All this is Beti Jai Berria: a celebration of the sense of taste, a tour de force for your palate and a performance you can enjoy first hand.