Beti Jai Berria – Donostia

C/ Fermín Calbetón, 22
20003 Donostia - San Sebastián
943 441 944

The bar

The upper part is dedicated to more traditional cuisine. There, customers are welcomed by an endless bar stacked with trays of pintxos. Designed by Iñigo Arregui, this is the first work by this local artist made in white rather than corten steel.

With a length of 11 metres, the bar takes its inspiration from the kinetic movement of the waves in the Bay of Biscay. Facing the bar, an enormous rear-lit cabinet displays the wide variety of wines available at the Beti Jai Berria. The tables, throughout our premises, are made in the Basque Country using locally-sourced oak.

In this space you will also find the most traditional options, homemade dishes like our mothers used to make: different varieties of lightly scrambled eggs, cold cuts, cod, rice dishes, ham, marinated salmon, bone-in ribeye steak, broken eggs, Iberian pork cheeks, etc.

Our bar is probably one of the most photographed in San Sebastian.